Mike Adams Scam Artist

A little about Mike Adams:

Mike Adams AKA: "Health Ranger" claims to be the primary content contributor of the largest health content network on the Internet (Truth Publishing AKA NewTarget.com) "I've spent more than 5,000 hours studying the true causes of disease vs. health" of which none of these hours can be verified.

Mike Adams claims to have been chronically diseased where at the age of 30, he claims that he was "nearly" obese, diabetic, depressed and headed towards certain misery as another casualty of organized medicine and prescription drugs. However Mr. Adams post no medical proof that can backup any of his story. Mr. Adams claims that in trying to learn how to improve his health, he stumbled across a world of "little-known information" about disease prevention that put him on a whole new journey towards perfect human health (and another way for this scam artist to make a fast buck over the internet).

Mike Adams calls his Health advise the Health Intelligence Files and he offers these E-Files for $995.00 or as he say's the cost for one day stay in the hospital. Mr. Adams says his Health Intelligence Files are worth thousands of dollars but the E-files are not actually printed books and according to Mr. Adams "aren't quite finished yet" so he's letting people have them now for only $299.00

Later Mr. Adams claims that if you read all of his Health Intelligence Files that he will pay you $250.00 for doing so. Another way to scam people into buying his worthless material.

Even though Mike Adams is not a Medical Doctor he operates a string of fake health advice websites which include prenatalnutrition.org, expectant-mothers.com, NewsTarget.com, HoodiaFactor.com, EmergingFuture.com, SpamAnatomy.com, VitaminFactor.org, CounterThink.org, HealthFactor.info, JunkScience.info, BrainHealthNews.com, LowCholesterolDiets.DietsLink.com, PublicHealthNews.org, PharmaWatch.info, HomeToxins.com, PoisonPantry.org, DepressionFactor.org, webseed.com & ConsumerWellness.org just to name a few.

According to Mike Adams, "By purchasing from Truth Publishing, you help give Truth Publishing the funds it needs to pay bandwidth, attract new readers and pay writers and researchers that keep bringing you groundbreaking new information that can make an honest difference in your life. Every dollar you spend with us goes to a productive purpose." Interesting how he actually uses the term "Honest Difference" via his Dishonest / deceptive means!

Mike Adams should be awarded "MR. SCAM" because everywhere you look one of his scams are sure to pop up.


  1. How's this for a scam, Mike Adams is advertising expensive Heirloom Organic seeds to International buyers including the UK knowing full well it is illegal to export seeds to the UK and that customs will confiscate and destroy them. When I questioned his Customer Services they very condescendingly sent me their disclaimer saying it is the Customer's duty to check Customs laws in their country and absolutely no refund will be given in the event of Customs confiscating and destroying the seeds. No refund. No refund. No refund. There is no warning you will never receive your purchase at the time of actual purchase, before, or at the checkout, or that Customs will confiscate and destroy the item. None whatsoever. As far as the unsuspecting Customer is concerned everything is above board.
    I was ripped off in this way for $284 by another site that Mike Adams advertised and personally endorsed. When I checked with Mike Adams 'shop' I discovered he is doing exactly the same thing and likewise his Customer Services refuse to give refunds. Why are they selling a product that is illegal to export to unsuspecting International customers with no warning? They pocket your money and then hide behind legal loopholes refusing to refund you when the seeds never arrive. They know from the start you will never receive them and have themselves covered by their disclaimer which you are presented with when you request a refund, like a rabbit they pull out from a magician's hat. Not our problem they say. My Solicitor was appalled. There is no transparency or business ethics involved, it is hard sell after prepping with paranoia, LEGAL THEFT. Basically, they steal your money under false pretences. The Champion of the people eh? I would have got better service at Walmart.

  2. Reading the comments on his YouTube videos is entertaining. I have posted amusing comments on there and they get blocked (I can check using a VPN). No wonder all the comments seem favourable to his narrative. I guess he doesn't have a sense of humor.

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  4. Once again, mainstream muckery media doing their best to discredit and marginalize someone trying to get the truth out. I gave up my TV years ago and never going back.