Mike Adams Scam

Website offers up to $500 for school teachers caught on tape - Link

(Link was removed once it was exposed!)

Mike Adams is yet up to another one of his INTERNET SCAMS! Yes, he is offering up to $500 for school teachers caught on tape or should I say up to $500 for school teachers setup on tape.

Look any student that has a grudge against his/her teacher now has an outlet for not only getting rid of them but to be paid up to $500.00 for doing so.

Mike Adams I must say this has to be your worst SCAM yet! Especially using under aged children to promote your SCAM. How low will Mike Adams go?

Mike Adams states that he is looking for under aged students to video tape their "School teachers engaging in bizarre and certainly unacceptable behavior to try and get students to behave. . .

. . . no excuse for the behavior of teachers who have clearly violated well-accepted standards of ethics and discipline, berating and even verbally assaulting their students. And frankly, I think the presence of recording devices in classrooms is a positive thing, because from now on teachers will never know when they're being recorded. Sooner or later they will get the idea that they must stop these disciplinary abuses and work to adhere to higher standards of behavior, or risk having their tirades published on the internet."

Up to $500 for your video footage

"Thus, a lot more recording will be going on and a lot more of teachers' verbal outbursts will be recorded and posted on the internet. How? Well, let me make an offer right here. I'm willing to pay up to $500 for video footage of school teachers' inappropriate behavior, or up to $100 for audio recordings from any student who wants to go into a classroom, make these recordings, and send them to me."

This guy is SICK! It's just one more of his countless internet SCAMS that he has going on.

Maybe some parents should start a website that pays teachers up to $500.00 for video tape of students acting up so that it can be posted on the internet and used against them when they ask "Why did you fail me in this class?"