Another Mike Adams Scam

Eliminate disease in 92 days with the secret of juice feasting, By Mike Adams Here is yet another one of Mike Adams latest SCAMS! For on $58.00 Mike Adams will teach you how to use a juicer or better yet you can always read the instruction manual that came with the juicer in the first place. Also Mike Adams claims that he can Eliminate Disease in not 90 or 100 days but in exactly 92 days. Wow, Mike must be a god or at least he thinks is is one! Scam artist that make claims like this are sick and are only preying on sick people who would give anything to eliminate or cure their disease in 92 days. If Mike Adams doesn't end up in jail I can see a whole lot of law suites against him in the very near future. Mike Adams is a SCAM ARTIST and needs to be shut down!